About Me

What I do

I offer many services including photography for wedding, portraits, general photos and more. I also produce video content, for weddings and promotional videos. I will make it my priority that I'm giving you the highest quality content I can produce. I make every photo or video customised to you and I also take customised photos to hang on your wall, and I'll get them printed at the highest quality to sit proudly on your wall. Or if you like the look of one of my existing photos you can way buy them from my shop. 

My Story​

I have been studying media for over 4 years and had a hobby in the film industry for even longer. Even though I have finished studying media I’m always looking into the latest technology, the making of films and looking at online courses so I am always learning. My interest in film and photography has been with me for a long time. I’ve always wanted to know how things were done on the big screen and even the small screen. 


One of the biggest things that has helped me with my work is reading and looking into new technologies as it had helped me know what kit to use for different situations and what technology will be best for completing specific tasks.