If you want a new profile picture that will grab the eye, something that looks unique and stands out. Something that is different form everyone else profiles pictures.

Do you what photos of your family or do you want photos of your newborn, photos of your pregnancy, photos of you two as a couple or anything else? Then book a day that suits you and I be in touch to talk about what you would like your photo to look like. for example, if you would like smoke in the images, or if you would like to have the sunset in the background or anything else or a costume photo to hang on your wall and more the options are endless!

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Stylised portraits  


If you are wanting something different, something that will defiantly stand out from all of the many other portraits, then you're in the right place! Here are some photos from a photo shoot that I have done recently.


These photos are made from coloured powder that had been thrown into the air with a black background so that the powder stands out more. also with a back flash to help highlight the powder that is in the air and to also help make the model in the photo stand out making her stand out from the background too


There was also a second flash at the opposite side of the back flash, used a key light [ the main light that aluminates the subject ] then a third continues light used to fill in any other shows on the model.




If your thing was this photo shoot messy, well, yes. This was very messy, this is why this shoot was done outside so that all of the powder can be simply sweet away or washed away.


The powder was made of flower and to colour was natural so any powder not swept up would have gone into the ground and turned into compost feeling the plants.


This was a very fun photo shoot. As we had lots of fun taking the photos.





General Portraits  


General portraits may sound very boring but the photos are not, the photos many still have a theme they just don't involve elements like smoke, power or any other technical elements in the photos. As you can see below this is from a photo shoot on the set of the Hollywood show

Family Portraits  


Famly photos are a lovely way to look back at you kids when they were little and getting some professional photos of then is one of the best ways as taking them on your phone is fantastic until you get them printed then it becomes very noticeable that the photo was taken on a smartphone. 

I can take your photos as shown below or I can mix thing up and get take some photo at breath taking loctions. anything that suits your style I can take for you.


when you get your photos printed of your loved one you have the choice of getting it printed on any frame or material of your choice. you can see the types of metals you can get printed at the shop.

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