Promotional videos

If you're wanting to promote your business with a video and/or photos on any platform, you're in the right place. I make your videos unique to you and will make the best video that will suit your type of business.


I will arrange a meeting and discuss what will work best for you and your business. After discussing what will work for you I will quote an estimated price for the production cost of making the video content for your business. 



Fit mission's video 

Here is one of the two videos I produce for the company fit mission located in Bakewell, the videos are for social media and for their website, I will show you one of the two videos I made, but if you like to see the other video you can do so by visiting their website here or their facebook page here. or you can click the next video button 



The social media adverts for this gym was very successful. Within the 3 months of the social media advert being live, the gym had filled up all of the spots they had available. This allowed the business to grow, they now have been able to get more kit, more staff and more clients. The busses has grown very fast within the first year of being open. This video has helped grow their business by over 60% from this video what alone.​​​





BBC 3 Ident

This short clip was made as part of a college project to show what personal skill I have, even though this was not used, it show's some of the post-production skills I have and demonstrates what I can do in your videos. 



NHS's video​

This staff training video was one of the very first promotional videos I made, I have made may other videos before this but they were not promotional videos. Most of this video was filmed on a 3 axes stabiliser as there was a lot to follow and we need to have the project film as fast as possible as we were filming in a live theatre. So the DJI rone was the best chose of kit to follow the action and keeping the shot steady, this allowed us to film the scrub within one take.


This video was filmed at chesterfield royal hospital in the theatre and in the staff only corridors. 


This video will be used to help staff see how bacteria can spread easily and how to scrub their hands before surgery. 


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