All of the photos and videos I make are personalised to you. Every single photo is edited so it looks the best, and there is no need to worry about when your photos or videos will be done, as all videos and photos will be processed within 21 working days but if you need them sooner you can buy a priority edit getting your photos and/or videos to you sooner. Your prints individually checked to make sure that there are no imperfections and all photos are printed at a super high with the latest technology.

Wedding videos 

Here is a wedding video I filmed at the lovely West Mill in Darby, no matter what direction you looked there was something fantastic to look at.


This video gives you an idea of what content will be in your video(s) and how your video(s) will look, but you can always have longer or shorter video(s).


I will always meet with you before your special day and we will talk about how you would like your video(s) to look and what music type you would like so I can choose the best song to go with your video(s).

I can make a separate video of your speeches if you would like a version where speeches have not been cut down for an extra £75.

If you like the types of video(s) I make? You can see more about the pricing and different packages I offer here

Wedding photos  

Every single photo is edited so it looks the best, so when you are looking back on your special day you are looking at the greatest photos posable. Also, all photos are printed in the best quality and using the most updated technology so your prints will last a lifetime, and you don't need to worry about if you lose your photos as they are kept safe in albums where you can see them any time any place, you also can also get you photos reprinted any time.

wedding rings
wedding couple
love letters
love heart
mr & mrs
flowers being cut
love poster
married cupple

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