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We make working with us essay and as simple as possible, communication is our number one priority, so let's make it simple and efficient. We use professional software that allows you to make comments and markings on all draft edits for your promotional video, allowing us to make changes you want without the hassles of back and forward emails. Also, all comments and marking are made live between all who are in the project. You can even view older versions and compare them side by side. This is even possible to do on your smartphone on the go, so no matter where you are you can make comments. Making your life simpler. No login required.



'' replace the hodgepodge of Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review and email for communication.

Eliminate miscommunication

Communicating in a static medium over moving visual content always leads to tons of confusion but '' solved this.

Prevent feedback paralysis

Dramatically reduce feedback cycles and make it dead simple for you to work with us.


'' keep all notes in one central hub making it easy to understand changes you want.

Time-stamped comments with threaded replies, annotations, hashtags for easy tagging and filtering are some of the features that '' provides to make it simple to work with us.

We know how valuable time is! So we make reviewing your work fast and simple, no hassle with back and forward emails explaining what you want adapting or changing. Simply write a comment on the frame you want adapting and/or mark on the frame, it's that simple.

'' is very simple to use. We will send you a link to your private room with all of the creators who have helped make the project and you can type your comments in the box below the video on the frame you want changing or adapting, it will instantly be sent to the team. When we have completed that task it will be crossed off, informing you that we have completed you request.


We can also reply to your comments advising you on the best action to take, allowing us make your videos the best possible.

You can look back at older edits and even compare them side by side, to see witch you prefer. Once you are happy with the edit you can simply click the approve bottom.

No login required simply use the link we send.

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Get their FREE mobile app 

Get '' FREE on you mobile, making it easier for you to comment on edits we are producing for you. All comments are made live and you will have direct contact to the editor.


Just the same as the web app but faster and smother.


Lock your project with apple touch ID.

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